Dead heart

Two men kidnap the daughter of a businesswoman Claudia Villegas. They take her out of the city, where keep her locked, while are waiting that his boss tell them the next steps to follow, but the boss realize that Villegas daughter was never kidnapped and sends two men to the abandoned factory to clarify what happened. When arrive, they just find the girl, hooded, tied to a chair and there's no clue of the kidnappers. Slowly, someone appears in the place - say that the heart can't feel once stopped beating.

Dead Heart is an interesting variasion on a little wornout genre. Which genre? find out for your self. The puzzle that will unfold in time unexpectatly.

Mariano Cataneo, Argentinia, 75 min, Spanish/English


Deadheart + voorfilm

Thu 03 Sep - 14:00 to 15:30
Nieuwe Veste Upper cinema 4

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