Excess flesh

Jill is obsessed with her new roommate Jennifer, a promiscuous and sexy hotshot in the LA Fashion scene. New to the city and recently single, Jill is unable to keep up as she binges and purges to stay thin; eventually hating herself and everyone around her. Her jealousy and rage spiral out of control -- Jennifer has everything, and Jill wants to be just like her. If Jill can't BE Jennifer, she must destroy her.

There is more happening between Jill and Jennifer than you expect at first sight. The big secret is soon revealed, but what unravels is true BUTFF quality with a pretty hefty climax. Body horror with a viual aspect and atmosphere that emphasize the eat frenzie even more and gruesome.

Patrick Kennelly, Verenigde Staten, 103 min, Engels/ Dutch subtitles.


Excess flesh

Sat 05 Sep - 18:00 to 19:45
Nieuwe Veste Theaterzaal

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