Shorts blok 1

Ninja EliminatorMathieu Berthon: Mocking the Shit Out of Ninja's

Porn Knack – David Bynch: Lick my Sausage, Please

Ink – Andy Stewart: I Like your Tattoo

A Morning Without Coffee – Jelle van Meerendonk: Does my Dick Prick?

Eat My Shit - Prada brothers: Hey Shitface!

Dinner For Few - Nassos Vakalis: A Bloody animation about the Cycle of Greed and Voracity

T-Rex In Love - Heidi Hörsturz: Art Animation

The Terrible Typewriter – Marko Kattilakoski:  I Hate your Writing, Just Kill Me!

Cooking In The Cancer Kitchen - Ryan Oomen; Best you Don't Know what Happens in the Kitchen

Amour Et Commando – Laurent Ardoint & Stéphane Duprat: A Romantic WWII BUT Musical

La Hora Del Bano – Eduardo Casanova: A Parent's Lullaby


Shorts blok 1

Sat 05 Sep - 18:00 to 19:30
Nieuwe Veste Upper cinema 3

Vertoning: Shorts 1

Dinner for few

Dinner for Few

Amour Et Commando

La Hora Del Bano